What we are doing in the vineyard, in our farm and in our cellar

  • 3.4 hectares of forest to guarantee the CO2 replenishment.
  • 4.000 new plants planted since 2015 in the vineyard and in the forest.
  • In the cellar and in the vineyard the use of plastic materials is limited.
  • Local materials has been used for cellar construction (concrete and stones).
  • Local workers used for cellar construction.
  • Closed cycle of organic waste, including grass and pruning twigs that are ground and remain in the soil.
  • 50 liters of fuel used yearly in the vineyards.
  • 3kg of copper by hectare against the peronospora, despite a maximum allowed in organic colture of 4kg. The use of chestnut tannins helps to reduce copper.
  • Wine chosen bottles for our wines are the lighter bottles available in the market.
  • Cork used are unbleached, uncolored, chemical-free, with no fillers and, free of anything genetically manipulated.

Despite this, we have produced CO2: with more than 70q of grapes fermented every year, walking a lot every day in the wineyard (more the 10.000 steps a day each one of us every day).
We can anyway assure that we never cycled on an exercise bike.

Organic certification since 2019. Operator code n° 111377

This is our contribution on enviroment.

Cosa dice la gente

Il modo per cominciare è smettere di parlare e iniziare ad agire.

Walt Disney

Sono le nostre scelte, Harry, che mostrano ciò che realmente siamo, molto più delle nostre abilità.

J. K. Rowling

Non piangere perché è finita, sorridi perché è accaduto.

Dr. Seuss

Costruiamo qualcosa insieme.

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